Monday, December 30, 2013

The challenges of starting a career overseas...


Honestly, I didn't think it would be too hard to get this thing off the ground.  All I need is my imagination, a laptop and internet access.  I've got the imagination, finished my first book.  Check.  I'm half done with my second book, my mind won't turn off.  That isn't the issue.
     My four children are under 8, and I have written above books while they are on my lap or screaming in my ear.  I love them more than life, but it can be challenging to hear the voices in my head over the chaos.  I wouldn't change a second.  That isn't the issue.
    Windows 8 would see me fail.  It wants to switch screens in the middle of this sentence.  Windows 8 wants to not recognize email accounts that I have been signed in to all day long when it comes to their app store.  This is an issue.
    My internet access is abysmal at best.  That is the issue.  14+ hours after starting this crazy list that I have researched and labored over to get on social media and we're about half way there.  Every page we open, can't be found at least once.  Changes to websites and uploaded pictures aren't there when we refresh pages.  This causing twice if not three times the amount of work. 
   We recently moved here from another small German town that had pretty decent internet.  I got to actually watch Netflix and Skype when my husband was deployed.  Here?  Two hours away, thirty minutes from the base and where everyone else in our Unit is, crappy 1998 internet.  And the internet we do have?  Goes out the window the second the high school kids leave the bus.  Trying to get these websites and profiles off the ground while my husband is home on leave to help (read: school leave as well) is near impossible.  Christmas day after 12pm?  HA.  You know all those kids got electronics.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure my kids would too if they were old enough.  As it was they got Furby Booms (that never shut up) and Skylander Giants (whatever that is).  My point is I couldn't get on Skype or FaceTime to see my family.  Now today, Dec 30 it's 7p.m. and I'm grumpy. 
    My husband has taken over the computer because it would have ended up over the balcony by now.  This sums up my day:

Me-  Husband.... husband.... husband... (not really, I said his name)
Husband-  What. Do. You want?
Me- You aren't answering me.
Husband- I'm trying to sell you! (as he goes back to designing the webpage without answering the question.)

~This post has been husband approved.