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Brandace is my name but I rarely go by it, everyone calls me Brandi.  In first grade my teacher said I had to put Brandace on my papers or she wouldn't give me credit for my work.  Now that's the name I'm writing with.  IRONY!  No one can pronounce it right despite a very attractive young actor whose last name has the same pronunciation.  He made a movie about riding on an overlarge puppy...dragon...flying thing?

Upon searching for this photo I discovered Jonathan Brandis committed suicide in 2003.  RIP
  Now it's my turn to take someone to a different place.
I've been heading towards this for a long time now. Writing stories as a child I always felt like I tapped into another part of my brain. After becoming a stay at home mom of four I now read on average a book a day. Now is the next chapter of my story. #1 Fan is written, in the middle of being edited. Fate's Mistake, #2 in the Los Rancheros Series will be the next release. 
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