Saturday, January 4, 2014

Crossing off my list...

I have decided to get this book out by April 1, 2014.  Here are the things I can cross off of my list:
  1. Contact cover artist
  2. Redo end scenes
  3. Get blog up
  4. Get Facebook up
  5. Find Editor
1.  The Fan Girl cover is going to be AMAZING.  Najla Qamber Designs are going to blow my mind.  I can feel it.  I've already picked the image I want to use, told her my vision.  I fully expect her to run with it.  Thank you S. L. Jennings for recommending her, I can't believe how affordable she is! 
2.  Several Betas were unhappy with the way I ended the book.  I turned up my Ellie Goulding after putting the minions to bed and wrote three thousand words that ripped my heart out.  Sniveling at my computer I was surprised when my husband pulls an ear bud, "Why are you crying babe?"  I cover my face with my hands and cry, "It's so good!"  He laughed, relieved nothing was wrong and went back to his X-Box game.  Poor guy.  I was in bed until 2a.m. tossing, turning and slapping him on the shoulder still sniveling, still teary but completely high on what happened.  My first Beta, that hasn't read the first ending is going to read it shortly and I can't wait for her reaction.
3.  Blog is up.  Obviously.  Upon setting it up I realized I have very little pictures of myself so I'm working on remedying that.
4.   Facebook is up!  Every day I yell through the house, "I have 6 likes!" "I have 8 likes!" 
5.   My search for an editor has been so frustrating.  One small company asked for my first chapter, said I had a ton of mistakes and then sent me an edit of the first page, with two added words.  She tells me I had two sentences that start with I, and then she started them with As I.  So I sent the same first page to the second company while talking to a fellow author that I am beta-ing at the moment.  She says, "Send me your first chapter and I'll look."  Getting the first page from the editor, and then reading what my fellow author did with it is like night and day.  She suggests another editor, someone who did great work with her sample chapter, and enhanced her story.
       I feel like I have the meat and bones.  Now I need the skin to contain it, hold it's shape and be pretty.  Reading all of the self-publishing articles I've seen the point made time and again how important it is to choose the right person to revise your work.  I get it.  Now, for some tunes:

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