Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Resolutions....

 What happens when I've written 50k words in seven days, have my first alcoholic beverage in over month and it's New Years Eve?  I went to bed at 8:30p.m. foolishly thinking my husband would wake me up at midnight.  Nope, next thing I know it's 5a.m and the first kid is popping out of bed.  Why then am I so happy?  I'll tell you.  It started like this:

As with every morning upon hearing a child's voice I reach simultaneously for my glasses and cell phone to tell me what ungodly hour they've woken up.  5:02 a.m. flashes my phone.  This is actually normal, anything earlier and I can hope to give an essential oil and/or sippy cup and go back to sleep.  Under the time on my beloved IPhone I see that I received a message.  S. L. Jennings wrote me back in regards to my earlier email asking her advice on self-publishing overseas.  She suggests I talk to Calia Read, another amazing author who happens to be stationed at the same base in Germany I am.  Yay! 

After changing a diaper and getting breakfast for the gang I sit down with my coffee and laptop to check my email.  One of my Beta's left me this:
Hi Brandi, 
It's 3:04 am on New Years Day. I just finished "Fan Girl" and I can happily say I couldn't put it down. I'll send you more of a review after the holiday "#, but I just wanted to let you know I finished it and LOVED it! I want to trade places with Ali - and I want a hunk like Deklan! LOL! 
Happy Writing, 
 More yay!!  2014 is starting out A-MAY-ZING!  So what are my resolutions and goals for this year?  I thought I would post them a) Because I need to get better at my social media voice #awkward and b) If it's out in the world I'm held accountable and have to do it.  Here we are:
  1. Self-Publish Fan Girl, Baby Girl and Farm Girl on CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing.
  2. Lose at least twenty pounds.  Everyone has weight loss resolutions and I'm no different.  I have an image in my head of what Brandace Morrow- Author looks like and it's not Brandi- post four kids.  Last last year (2012) I lost twenty pounds, and kept it off for a year.  I'm going to do the dreaded thing, exercise.
  3. Take more family vacations.  We know this will (better be) our last full year in Germany.  I want to take the kids places, do things, before we leave.  Having said that...
  4. Save save save save save, because when we leave here we aim to buy our first house. Fingers crossed for Alaska.
 Now, to bring #1 to fruition I must get back to editing with my lovely assistant. 

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